Retail Management


1.To understand the retail environment in India, opportunities and challenges
2.To explain relevant theories and concepts of retailing
3.To describe the key elements of a retail business and the retail trading environment.
4.To discuss issues associated with operating a business in a retail environment
5.To outline the key module topics
6.To explain linkages between components of the module


1.+2 candidates in any stream eligible
2.No age bar
3.No Study gap matters

Career Profiles

*Certificate Level     (6 months)                                

*Store Keeping
*Customer Sales Associate

*Retail Buyers

*Diploma Level (1 Year)  

*Team Leader                                               
*Logistics and Store Manager                                    
*Product Manager
*Public Relations Executive

*Advance Diploma Level (2 Years)

*Business Development Officer
*Retail Franchisee
*Supply Chain Distributor

*Degree Level (3 Years)

*Visual Merchandisers

*Manager Back-end Operations
*Retail Communication Manager                           
*Sales Executive
*Marketing Managers