Photography & Journalism


1.Awareness about news
2.Professionals in field of photography ie. photojournalists
3.Enhance communication skills
4.Professionals in the field of media i.e. reporters, anchors, newsreaders etc.
5.Event management skills
6.Public Relation Officers


1.+2 candidates in any stream eligible
2.No age bar
3.No Study gap matters
4.Fees is Rs. 7500 per semester

Career Profiles

*After completing 6 months certificate level          *Correspondent

*After completing one year diploma                           *PHOTOJOURNALIST

*After completing 2 years degree                                  *TV artist
                                                                                                         *TV production crew
                                                                                                         *Radio Jockey
                                                                                                         *News anchor

*After completing 3 years degree                                  *Camera operator
                                                                                                         *Professional photographer
                                                                                                         *Event manager