Conference (ICSD-17)


International Conference on Skill Development in Education (ICSD – 17)

on March 17th and 18th 2017

                Skill development has become vital for sustainable economic growth in the present era, especially for nations like India with promising opportunities. The emergence of new technologies and innovations around the world has made it imperative for the governments to prioritize skill development to respond to the constantly changing dynamics of the world. The formation of the National Skill Development Mission (NSDM) by the Government of India has necessitated the need to re-examine the need for skill development in relation to education and the demands of the labour market. Prioritizing skill development to meet the increasing market constitutes a challenge of mega proportions. In such a scenario, all the stakeholders need to synergize their efforts and resources to provide a platform for vocational education and skill development. It is with this objective in view that this conference is aimed at investigating how skill development, as a tool for change, can be used to solve the emerging market challenges of youth unemployment and how education can contribute in this direction. It endeavours to broaden the understanding of the role of skill and its relevance to youth development especially in the context of education. The conference will be an attempt to discuss various aspects of the issue from the Indian as well as global perspective and to find out the opportunities, challenges and solutions.